Code Challenges
Accessing code challenges and uploading solutions
Your candidates will receive email communications with PullRequest when their code challenge is accessible and instructions for how to upload their solution.
Candidates do not interact directly with any member of the PullRequest team unless there's a technical issue with uploading their solution or accessing the challenge requirements.
Engineers in the PullRequest reviewer network never interact with candidates. And PullRequest does not offer support or further clarifications related to the code challenge issued.

Challenge invitation

Candidates are notified via email that they've been invited to complete a code challenge using PullRequest.

Downloading the code challenge

Upon clicking the invitation link sent via email, the candidate will be directed to a PullRequest webpage where they're asked to agree to the PullRequest Terms of Use and download the code challenge requirements.
The code challenge requirements will be in the form of a PDF document with instructions.

Uploading a code challenge solution

Your candidate will receive a code challenge access confirmation email including a link to upload their solution.
Opening the link will direct the candidate to the PullRequest solution upload portal. The candidate will be asked to upload a .zip file of their solution.
Upon successful submission, the candidate will be shown a confirmation screen.
And the candidate will receive a submission confirmation email.