Code Challenges
Managing code challenges
You can manage your candidate code challenge invitations and track progress from the home screen of app.qualified.dev.
Your candidate's technical assessment lifecycle consists of several phases detailed below.


During this phase, PullRequest has received your candidate details but the candidate has not been contacted yet. We're designing, selecting, and/or modifying a code challenge problem based on your submitted requirements and any account-level notes you've provided.
In most circumstances, PullRequest is able to support custom code challenges your team has developed internally. Email [email protected] if you'd like to talk about the process and how we can help.
The status during this phase will be displayed as Processing on the home page of app.qualified.dev.

Canceling a technical assessment

If for whatever reason you'd like to cancel the techncial assessment for the candidate, click the X icon on the candidate's entry in the table.
You can send multiple code challenges to the same candidate. If you happen to cancel a technical assessment in error, simply send another invitation.

Invitation sent

When the PullRequest team has selected a code challenge for your candidate and sent them an invitation, the candidate status will change to Invitation sent. This indicates that the candidate has been notified via email that they have been invited to complete a code challenge.
Pending code challenge invitations have the greatest influence on overall technical assessment turnaround time. We recommend following up with your candidates if they're taking longer than you expect to submit a solution.
Code challenge invitations to your candidates will expire if 30 days lapse without receiving a solution submission from the candidate.
At this point, you'll also be able to click on the candidate's entry in the table and download a copy of the code challenge that was sent to them.

Waiting on candidate

During this phase, the candidate is working on the code challenge.
The Waiting on candidate status indicates that the candidate has accepted the invitation and has gained access to the code challenge problem requirements.

Reviewing submission

In this phase, the PullRequest team is reviewing, scoring, and and assessing the candidate's solution.
Typically PullRequest will take 1-2 days to source a team of engineers to review and assess the solution. But it can be completed in as little as a few hours.
The candidate's status will change to Reviewing submission.
At this point, you'll be able to click on the candidate's entry in the table and download a copy of the candidate's solution they submitted to PullRequest.

Finalizing report

In this phase, PullRequest engineers have completed their review of the submission and a finalized assessment report is being generated based on findings, reviewed, and approved.
The candidate's status will change to Finalizing report. Typically this status will apply for less than 3 hours.

Report complete

An assessment report for the candidate has been finalized and is available.
You'll be able to down PDF copy from a "download" icon in the candidate's table entry or by clicking on the candidate's entry and clicking Download Report.
Your candidates do not have access to technical assessment reports, nor are they exposed in any way to information provided by PullRequest engineers such as feedback or scores at any point the evaluation is in progress or completed.