Code Challenges
Create a user account and organization

Create a PullRequest account

To start sending code challenges to candidates, you'll first need to create an account on PullRequest if you haven't already.
You can create an account via your version control management platform or email address, though we strongly recommend ensuring that the email address that will be used belongs to the organization you're hiring candidates for. For example, your personal email address may be assigned to your GitHub account even though you use it for work.

Create a Code Challenge account

Once your PullRequest account has been created, you'll need to enable access to the Code Challenges platform.
If you're unable to access, make sure you're logged into app.pullrequest.com on the same browser.

Create an organization

After we've verified and finalized your account, you'll be prompted to create an organization for your team.
You'll be able to add other members to your organization for issuing code challenges to your candidates, tracking progress, and viewing results.
The name you select for your organization will be displayed to your candiates in email communications. Be sure to consider this if you wish to keep the name of your organization anonymous from your candidates or if the business entity communicating with candidates goes by a different name.
Upon submission, our team will be notified to approve your Code Challenge organization.
This usually takes less than 10 hours. If you need approval expedited, email [email protected]
A PullRequest team member will notify you as soon as your account has been approved and is ready.