Configure File Blacklist (optional)
You can disable a subset of files in one of your repositories from being visible to the PullRequest reviewer network, even if you request a code review job which includes one of these files.
Using the file blacklist setting is generally not recommended. You can read more about PullRequest's Data Security Policy and the steps we take to ensure your code is safe here.
First, enable the setting within the Repositories tab of the proxy configuration UI.
See the File Blacklisting setting at the bottom of this screenshot.
If you don't see the File Blacklisting option on your repositories page, you may be on a previous version of the proxy and can request a newer version from your PullRequest contact to use this feature.
Next, you need to add a file to your repository called .pullrequestignore
This should use the same style of syntax as a .gitignore file. Here is an example .pullrequestignore file:
# this will ignore any files within the root 'config' directory of this repo
# this will ignore any files ending with .secret
Note that this ignore file is checked at the HEAD commit of any diff being requested, so if you make the update to master or whatever your main development branch is then any branches from that point onward will not include any of these matching files unless the .pullrequestignore is modified after that point to allow them to be included again.
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