What is Automated Code Review?

PullRequest's Automated Code Review is a modern static analysis tool that enables your development team to catch and fix issues quickly in your existing software development workflow.

No setup and maintenance - Alleviate the burden of creating, updating, and maintaining internal configurations for different languages and frameworks. Our tools are constantly updated.

Detect actionable issues - Our automation tooling is tuned to minimize false positives and time-to-remediation of critical issues. Adjust our recommended configurations to meet the requirements of your team by snoozing, ignoring or disabling an issue in the web application.

Fully integrated - Connect your GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket repositories to get started immediately. On-premise support coming soon.

Always improving - PullRequest's tools are backed by years of code review expertise and our network of experienced reviewers. Our engines have been refined over time by an extensive amount of coding patterns we've identified on our platform.

Get started today for free! See our supported languages and frameworks here.