PullRequest is proud to offer teams working with on-premise instances of Bitbucket Server access to on-demand code review from the world's largest network of on-demand reviewers.

Before Getting Started

Be sure to send your PullRequest point of contact the version of Bitbucket Server your team is currently running (along with any plans you have to update or change versions).

The PullRequest for Bitbucket Server integration requires Personal Access Tokens which were introduced in Bitbucket Server 5.5.

For best performance, we recommend Bitbucket Server 5.10 or higher.

If your team is running a prior version of Bitbucket Server 5.5, please upgrade before continuing. If upgrading to a new version of Bitbucket Server is impractical, please reach out to to your PullRequest contact to discuss options.

If you have any custom needs or requirements that have not been discussed with PullRequest, please be sure to bring them to attention as early in the installation process as possible.

And, of course, if ever you have any questions or become blocked during the integration please email or get in touch with your PullRequest contact.