Installing the PullRequest Proxy

When your organization has been created by a PullRequest team member, you should receive a link via email (or other specified delivery) containing the PullRequest Proxy package tarball.

Server install

The instructions below outline how to install the PullRequest Proxy on a fresh server. The assumed flavor of Linux is Amazon Linux 2, but you can go ahead and modify the instructions to apply to your flavor of Linux. The commands themselves assume you're running as the root user.

Install necessary packages

The PullRequest Proxy doesn't have many dependencies as it is distributed as an executable binary. However, it does require that the git utility is installed.
yum install -y git

Create Service User

Best practices dictate that each service should have its own user running it. Let's go ahead and create a PullRequest user. Below, I'm creating the pullrequest user and locking the account to prevent logins as the user.
useradd pullrequest
usermod -L pullrequest

Installing the proxy

Now, it's time to assume the role of the pullrequest user for this portion of the installation process.
su pullrequest
The following commands will be run as the pullrequest user.
cd $HOME
curl <proxy_url> --output - | tar zxvf -
cd pullrequest_proxy
We'll stay logged in as the pullrequest user for the next few steps so that the proxy can now be configured. Go ahead and open the .env file in this directory in your favorite text editor.
vim .env