Create PullRequest Account & Organization

In order to create your PullRequest organization, we'll need to be able to associate it with at least 1 active PullRequest account.

Register on the PullRequest Platform

Any individuals from your team who will be assisting in the integration of PullRequest with your GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, or GitLab Self-Managed instance will first need to create an account with PullRequest.
Be sure the emails used to create these accounts have an email address with your company's domain.
[email protected]
If the users will have email domains that vary, but still belong to your organization, please send a list of those domains to your point of contact or [email protected]

Organization Roles

PullRequest organizations consist of team members with Member roles and Owner roles - of which they may be multiple of each.
To create a PullRequest organization there must be at least 1 user with an Owner role. If there are specific individuals that will be assisting with the PullRequest installation, please send them to your point of contact or [email protected]. Otherwise, PullRequest will automatically select the first registered user with your approved email domain with an Owner role.

Permissions by Role

View connected repositories and open code reviews
Request code review from the PullRequest network
Leave feedback on code reviews posted by PullRequest reviewers
View organization's team members
Cancel active PullRequest review jobs
View PullRequest review statuses and history
Add team members to the PullRequest organization
Change billing plans
Add/modify payment information
Install the PullRequest Proxy
Connect the PullRequest Proxy with on-premise GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab
Add PullRequest Posting User to on-premise GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab
Configure webhooks

Your PullRequest Organization

Your PullRequest organization will be created by a PullRequest team member - and the registered user accounts you specify will be added to it.
Your company name will be used by default (ie - Cisco). If you have a specific name you'd like to call the organization please let your point of contact know or email [email protected].