Upgrading the PullRequest Proxy
There are two ways to upgrade the PullRequest proxy. The first is to manually install the a new image you obtain via a link from PullRequest support. The second is to take advantage of the auto-upgrade functionality included in proxy version 1.0.0 onwards.

Manual Upgrade

Download the proxy package tarball to your server/instance from the link provided by PullRequest, then stop the running proxy instance:
Then, extract the new image over top the old one. Since the pullrequest_proxy directory is included in the tarball, the archive should be extracted into the parent directory of the previous installation. That way, the correct files will be overwritten. If you followed the instructions in Tarball Extraction, the home directory should be used as the extraction point.
Now, simply start the instance back up:
Your proxy should start working as it did before. Follow the Troubleshooting guide if you experience any issues.


Auto-Upgrade is a new feature included in proxy releases 1.0.0 onwards. It uses the existing docker image to manage multiple versions of the proxy software. As such, it's a convenient way for the PullRequest application to upgrade your proxy to the latest release automatically without having to schedule downtime to perform the manual upgrade.
As this feature is enabled by default, most users won't have to perform any action to take advantage of it. However, if you do not want the proxy to upgrade automatically, you may turn this feature off from your organization's status page on https://app.pullrequest.com:
If you decide to disable auto-upgrade, you will still be able to take advantage of its functionality when a new upgrade is available, but it will require you to push the "Start Upgrade" button.
Auto-upgrade is very quick and should have a minimal effect if any on your organization's workflow. As such, we recommend that it be enabled. In this way, we can automatically roll out bug fixes and new features to on-premise customers without needing to schedule a maintenance window.