Project Visibility in the PullRequest Dashboard

If you're able to select the correct GitLab organization in the PullRequest dashboard, but none of the expected projects are visible in the context drop-down or on the organization's home screen, you may need to set a Public email setting in GitLab.

Setting a GitLab Public Email

  1. Open GitLab and select User settings -> Profile.

  2. Find the Public email field in the Main settings section.

  3. Open the drop-down and select the same email address assigned to your PullRequest account.

  4. Your projects should now be listed in the PullRequest dashboard.

Depending on your browser's state, they may not be visible immediately. If so, empty cache and hard reload.

NOTE: If you're unable to assign the public email user setting, or if assigning it is impractical for your organization, reach out to or your PullRequest contact to explore alternate options.