Configure GitHub Webhooks
After the GitHub posting user has been created and the repositories are populating in PullRequest successfully, the GitHub webhooks can be configured.

Configure Webhooks

GitHub allows webhooks to be configured on the GitHub organization or repository level.
PullRequest strongly recommends configuring webhooks on the Organization level so that new Projects your team creates will be immediately provisioned to use the PullRequest network if desired with no administrative intervention.

Applying on the Organization level

From your GitHub organization page, select the Settings tab, then select Hooks from the sidebar. From here, click Add Webhook to create the webhook.

Webhook Settings

Payload URL

The base URL of your Proxy with the following:

Content Type

OPTIONAL - Add a webhook secret. The secret will be used to sign your webhook requests as they are posted to the proxy:
  • You will need the same webhook secret for all of your organizations/repositories if you add one.
  • Update your webhook secret in the PullRequest Proxy UI if you are adding one, otherwise the proxy will not be able to verify/process the webhooks.

SSL verification

  • Enable SSL Verification


  • Issue comments
  • Pull requests
  • Pull request reviews
  • Pull request review comments
  • Pushes
  • Repositories

Test Connection

Click the Add webhook button; the webhook should appear in the Webhooks section of the previous page. If you click Edit on the recently created webhook, there should be a successful delivery under Recent Deliveries.
If there was an error, double-check the proxy base is valid and /webhooks/github is added as a path.
The PullRequest Proxy repositories table has a LAST WEBHOOK RECEIVED column which will update once you start getting webhooks from GitHub for the organization.
The test connection hook, used to test the connection in GitHub earlier, isn't counted.

Applying on the Repository level

To apply on the repository level, perform the same steps as the organization from the repository page.