Verify Data on PullRequest

After the webhooks have been configured, visit to verify the status of the on-premise PullRequest Proxy.
This page will need to be refreshed if it was already open. You may need to select the appropriate organization from the drop-down if the desired organization isn't shown by default.
Successful connection of the proxy
You're ready to start using PullRequest!
You can learn more about assigning code reviews to PullRequest on Assigning Bitbucket Code Reviews to PullRequest or Assigning GitLab Merge Requests to PullRequest.
If you're using GitHub Enterprise or GitLab Self-Managed and don't see expected Projects listed in the PullRequest dashboard, you may need to add a public email to your user profile.
At this point, we highly recommend continuing on to configure webhooks. Without webhooks configured, it will take a long time before updates made on your provider side are reflected on the PullRequest application.