Configure GitHub Posting User
Code reviews for your GitHub Enterprise projects will be posted as a "PullRequest" member of your GitHub team. In order to post code reviews, the user must be created in your GitHub.


The GitHub posting user must be created by an individual on your team with the following administrative permissions:
  • A PullRequest account with an Owner role for the organization in question.
  • An Owner role on your GitHub Enterprise Group.

Creating & Adding the GitHub User

Log into the PullRequest Proxy and click the Configure GitHub button on the home page.
Select "Configure GitHub"
Be sure to configure the correct v3 API

Add Root URL

Paste the root URL of your GitHub Enterprise instance (this will be whatever domain your team usually uses to access GitHub). Example:
Make sure the GitHub URL represents the path to the version 3 of the GitHub API

Create Posting User

Log in to your GitHub instance as an administrator and create a new user with the username PullRequest. PullRequest reviewers and systems will use this user to post code review content.
We also recommend adding the PullRequest logo as the posting user's avatar:
Download PullRequest Logo Avatar

Add Posting User to Projects

Add the PullRequest user to all of the organizations/repositories you want code review on. Be sure to grant the user WRITE access so it's able to list repository collaborators and post comments.
In order to list a repository's collaborators, WRITE permissions are required. That said, PullRequest will never write or modify code in your repositories. Read more about how we keep your code and data secure here.

Create GitHub Access Token

Log into GitHub as the PullRequest user you just created.
This may be easier in another browser or in an incognito tab so you can remain logged in as the GitHub owner user.
Open Settings -> Developer settings -> Personal access tokens. This should be accessible from the following path:
Click Generate new token and create a Personal Access Token with the following properties:
  • Note: For your team's internal use. No functionality is associated with this property.
  • Scopes: The repo (all of them), read:org, read:user, user:email, and write:discussion scopes should all be checked.
Once generated, copy the personal access token to your clipboard and go back to the PullRequest Proxy UI with the GitHub Settings modal open.

Add Posting User to Proxy

Enter PullRequest as the PullRequest Username (or whatever name was used in GitHub).
Make sure the PullRequest Username is spelled exactly as the username of the PullRequest user that was created. We highly recommend "PullRequest" (all one word, PascalCase) to maintain communication consistency.

Add Personal Access Token to Proxy

Paste the Personal Access Token into the modal and click Update.

Verify Connection

Open the Repositories tab in the left sidebar. The repositories the PullRequest GitHub user were added to should appear in a list here.