Connecting your Proxy with PullRequest
The following are steps outlining the process for connecting the PullRequest Proxy with PullRequest - it assumes the PullRequest Proxy has already been installed successfully.

Connecting the Proxy

Visit your PullRequest Proxy's root page.
If you didn't install a reverse proxy this will be:
If you installed the reverse proxy then it will be whatever your domain name that you configured is. Example:
If you can't reach your page, then you need to configure the server so it can be reached from your internal network as it will also need to be able to be reached from your Code Repository Server (Bitbucket, GitLab, GitHub, or Azure DevOps).

Retrieving and Adding Token

You should see the proxy welcome page asking for an installation token and secret (we'll retrieve these values in the following steps).
Click the Go to Dashboard button or go directly to and log in as one of with an account that has Owner permissions.
After you're logged in, navigate to Settings > On-premise Proxy for your on-prem organization.
If you do not see the appropriate organization, you must select it from the drop-down selector in the top-left of the dashboard.
You should now be on the proxy configuration settings and can click the Generate Token button.
On-premise organization settings
A modal will appear with instructions and token/secret values.
Proxy token modal
Copy each value and go back to the Proxy root page (see above). Paste them in to the fields and click Next.
You should be shown a Login with PullRequest button. Click this button to log in.