Configuring your Proxy to Connect to the PullRequest Server

The following are steps outlining the process for configuring your PullRequest Proxy so that it can communicate with the PullRequest server.

Retrieving and Adding Authentication

Navigate to and log in as an account that has Owner permissions for the organization created above.
After you're logged in, navigate to Settings > On-premise Proxy for your on-prem organization.
If you do not see the appropriate organization, you must select it from the drop-down selector in the top-left of the dashboard.
You should now be on the proxy configuration settings. Click the Generate Token button.
On-premises organization settings
A modal will appear with instructions and token/secret values.
Proxy token modal
In the previous step ("Installing the PullRequest Proxy"), we opened up a configuration file for editing. Go ahead and add the following two lines to that file but replace the PULLREQUEST_TOKEN and PULLREQUEST_SECRET fields with the values you see in your web browser.