Assigning Code Reviews to PullRequest

Step 1: Make sure your repositories are connected

Open User Settings -> Account Integrations to make sure you're connected to the correct version control provider.

Click Configure to make sure expected repositories have been connected to PullRequest.

For more information, refer to our integration guides:

Step 2: View your Organization's Pull/Merge Requests

Log in to PullRequest and select the appropriate Organization from the selector at the top of the screen. Then select Pull Requests from the sidebar.

NOTE: The name of the tab will be Merge Requests if you're using GitLab.

Step 3: Send a pull/merge request to our network

Click the Send to PullRequest button on any of the code reviews you need to assign to the network to get reviewed.

NOTE: You may be prompted to enter billing information if it's missing for your organization.

The status will change to "Sourcing Reviewers."

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