PullRequest Approval

Approvals by PullRequest Reviewers

Teams using PullRequest have the ability to allow reviewers from the PullRequest network to approve proposed changes.

This is useful if you wish to prevent changes from being merged if our reviewers have identified what appears to be blocking issues.

NOTE: Like all code reviews, approving pull requests is at the discretion of the reviewer based on their engineering expertise, professional software development experience, and best understanding of the code changes and their intent.

It may also depend on the severity of any discovered issues. For instance, reviewers may approve changes with unaddressed issues if they deem those issues to be relatively trivial in nature, or the importance of addressing those issues is outweighed by the urgency of releasing a more critical fix. If possible, PullRequest recommends also including members of your internal team as part of your approval workflow.

How to enable PullRequest Approval

PullRequest Reviewer Approval can be enabled for each of your repositories in their respective Project Settings.

Reviewer Approval is disabled by default.

Enabling PullRequest Reviewer Approval does not take effect globally across all of your repositories. Each will need to be configured individually.

This is to provide you with more granular control over how you use PullRequest for specific projects and teams.

Problems with PullRequest Approval

In some cases, PullRequest will be unable to execute an approved action in your version control provider.

This is likely because of settings configured for your repositories in your version control provider, such as user role permissions, that prevent our posting user or application from successfully approving.

For example, GitLab allows for Groups or Users to be set as Eligible Approvers and require a password to approve.

In these cases, PullRequest will post a comment noting that a PullRequest reviewer has approved the changes, but our system was unable to apply a functional "approved" status to the pull or merge request in the system.

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