Project Notes Access

Each repository you connect to PullRequest has a dedicated Project Notes section where additional information about your team, projects, and goals can be detailed and exposed to PullRequest reviewers.

This is particularly useful for communicating important contextual information to engineers in the PullRequest network that would be out of place in a pull or merge request description.

Here, you can add any information that would help our reviewers provide you with high-value feedback. These include, but aren't limited to:

  • Your organization's background.

  • The composition of your development team.

  • Business logic, and goals.

  • Recurring problems your team has faced.

  • Areas where you want our reviewers to pay particular attention.

  • Things you don't want our reviewers to comment on.

Limiting Project Notes access

Organization Owners are able to toggle access to users on their team with a Member role in Organization Settings -> Owner Settings.

This will allow Owners to limit users on their team who have access to edit and view Project Notes to only Owners.

Member access to Project Notes is enabled by default.

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