Adding Azure DevOps Repositories

This guide includes authorizing your Bitbucket account with PullRequest, authorizing repositories, and configuring the mechanisms for PullRequest to post review results to pull requests.

Step 1: Invite the PullRequest posting user

NOTE: If your organization uses the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) access management service, please contact for assistance with this step.

In order for PullRequest reviewers to post feedback to your Azure pull requests, a PullRequest posting user must be added to your team.

Open your Azure DevOps Organization Settings and click Users -> Add Users

In the Users field, add:

PullRequest requires Basic access and will need to be added to all of the Projects you'll need review coverage on. We recommend selecting Add all Project access so there's no disruption in service if you add or move repositories in the future.

Step 2: Create a PullRequest user account using your email address

If you haven't already, visit and create a PullRequest account using an email address.

Step 3: Authorize and Connect

After signing up, you'll be prompted to authorize and connect with a version control hosting provider. Click the Sync with Azure DevOps option.

You'll then be prompted to authorize your Microsoft account with PullRequest, click Accept.

Step 4: Installing the PullRequest Azure DevOps app

After authorizing with your Microsoft account, you'll be directed to a page to select which Azure DevOps Organization you want to install PullRequest on.

NOTE: Some Microsoft user accounts are treated like as Organization and will be shown in this list. It's likely you'll need to connect to your company's Organization instead of your Microsoft username (see below).

Step 5: Select Repositories

You'll be asked to allow PullRequest to access All repositories or Only select repositories.

PullRequest recommends selecting the All repositories option so you won't need to repeat this step each time your team creates a new repository.

After you've made your selection, click the Connect button.

Step 6: View Repositories

Your repositories should now appear on the PullRequest dashboard page when the Azure DevOps Organization is selected from the Organizations drop-down menu at the top-left portion of the screen.

Step 7: Verify the posting user has been added

Before sending code reviews to the PullRequest network, a member of the PullRequest team will need to accept the invitation sent in step 1 to add the PullRequest posting user.

You'll be able to confirm this when the azure PullRequest user is displayed with the PullRequest logo as an avatar in your Organization Settings screen.

Typically this will be processed in less than 1 hour, to expedite please email

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