What to Expect

How fast is PullRequest?

We aim to turn around pull/merge requests as fast as possible. For most requests, that’ll be within a few hours.

Factors that contribute to this are:

  • The size of the pull/merge request.

  • The complexity of the code changes.

  • The expertise required to review the code.

What do reviews from your engineers look like?

Think of PullRequest as an extension of your current team. One or more engineers will be reviewing your code before it is merged.

Our reviewers are posted in your source control provider alongside your internal developers; and you'll be able communicate with them similarly.

Can I see some examples?


What to see something specific? Let us know: support@pullrequest.com

What are PullRequest Reviewers like?

PullRequest reviewers are all US-based, senior-level software engineers with 5+ years* experience building complex applications and systems.

PullRequest reviewers are distributed throughout the US with notable concentrations in the San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Oakland, New York, Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, and Denver.

Members come from a variety of backgrounds and include:

  • Serial technical founders

  • Major language/framework maintainers

  • CS PhDs

  • Technical project owners at companies like Google, SpaceX, Amazon, Spotify, Uber, Instagram, Square, Dropbox, Microsoft, Zynga, Coursera, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Bloomberg, Moz, Procore, and many, many more.

Here are some guest contributions our reviewers have made to the PullRequest blog:

What To Look For When Reviewing C# by Artak Mkrtchyan How to Write a Good Code Comment by Tyler Adams Writing A Great Pull Request Description by Gonzalo Bañuelos The Top 5 Mistakes Made in Angular Projects by Alain Chautard Top 3 Security Vulnerabilities I Find in iOS and Android Projects by Chris Griffith

* With rare and extraordinary exceptions.

Do reviewers approve pull requests?

Currently, our reviewers do not approve or reject pull/merge requests.

This is because every team has a unique workflow for pushing and approving updates to their repositories, including things like running automated tests to make sure each build passes and approval of individuals with code ownership.

That said it is possible to work PullRequest into branch approval flows, and we encourage teams to do so if desired.

For example, many teams will use version control tools to request changes or reject the branch if PullRequest has found issues that need to be addressed. Either the code author or an appointed individual will perform the action.

We're happy to help advise your team on how to best do this based on your workflow. Please reach out to support@pullrequest.com.

Do you have a trial period?

Most organizations qualify for a no-obligation PullRequest trial. To see if you qualify, schedule a call with a member of our team.

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