Repository Search

Repository Search allows PullRequest reviewers to search repositories for things like method names and view files that are not involved in the diff.

This feature aids PullRequest reviewers significantly for gaining project-level context and verifying code changes are safe.

To ensure engineers in our network are able to provide great code review for you and your team, PullRequest strongly recommends that this setting is enabled.

If there are certain files or paths you would prefer not be reviewed at any point, we recommend configuring and adding a .pullrequestignorefile to the root directory of your project. Read More

Organization Owners are able to toggle the Repository Search feature in Organization Settings -> Owner Settings.

Disabling it will limit PullRequest reviewers to only access files involved in a pull or merge request diff.

Repository Search is enabled by default for accounts created after August 11th, 2020. Accounts established with PullRequest prior to this date require the feature to be enabled by a member with Owner permissions.

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