Requesting Code Review for bulk files and projects

In some circumstances, you may want specific parts of a git repository reviewed by the PullRequest network outside the context of a pull/merge request (i.e., a collection of files or the entire repository).

The following steps outline the most secure way of creating a PullRequest review job within your version control hosting provider.


1. Check out a local copy of the latest code for the repository that you want reviewed.

2. cd into your local repository's root directory.

NOTE: Make sure you are in the root of your local repository that is tracked by git.

3. Delete visible files/folders within this directory. We'll be adding them back for the code review.

4. Checkout and create a new branch called deleted_code

git checkout -b deleted_code

5. Add your local changes of deleting the files.

6. Commit these changes.

git commit -m "deleting all files to prepare for review"

7. Push this branch to git origin. It should now exist as a remote branch.

git push origin deleted_code

8. Checkout and create another branch called code_to_review

git checkout -b code_to_review

9. Grab all of the code from your main repository branch (likely master or develop).

10. This should have added all of the files you deleted back. Add them to git staging.

11. Commit changes of adding back code.

git commit -m "adding back files to be reviewed"

12. Push code_to_review branch to git origin.

git push origin code_to_review

13. Then open a pull/merge request in your version control hosting provider (i.e., GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab):

14. Request code review from the PullRequest network by: - Clicking "Request Review" in the PullRequest dashboard. - Or adding [pr] to the title of the pull/merge request.

Requesting review from the PullRequest dashboard

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